Bringing Back the Play and Fun to Kid’s Sports

Take Back the Game: How Money and Mania are Ruining Kid’s Sports – and Why It MattersBy Linda Flanagan304 pages, $37CAD, Penguin Random House I’ve been wrestling with some big questions lately –… Continue reading

A Road Less Travelled: A Runner and an Advocate

Kidd literally changed the world through all the advocacy work he’s done and continues to do. From women’s sport to sport for development to physical buildings I use and work out of at the University, Kidd makes the world a better place.

It’s Our Job to Rebuild This Sport

Désir’s book got me thinking about meritocracy, this notion that “everyone with skill and imagination may aspire to reach the highest level.”

I hope in my life time we stop using the words ‘Good for a Girl’

Me too, I’m good … for a girl. I’ve grown up in a man’s world and while most of the time I do not notice it, the evidence for the world being designed for cis white men is nauseatingly abundant.

A Reluctant Hero’s Journey in Women’s Soccer

Sinclair tells her story through her rise in the Canadian soccer ranks to become the world’s leading goal scorer, male or female (Rinaldo leads the mens with 117 in international play, Sinclair has 190!).

Calmly venturing into Sasha’s Stories – A review of Taking Life in Stride by Harvey Mitro

Taking Life in StrideBy Harvey Mitro238 pages, $24.99 As a first edition of Sasha’s Stories I wanted to find a book approachable for everyone, from those who read a lot to those who… Continue reading

My 2022 Goals Revisited: Chasing Championships (from Athletics Canada)

Thanks to Alex Cyr of Athletics Canada for capturing the essence of my 2022, ‘Chasing the Championship Series.

My 2022 Goals Revisited: Giving Tuesday

I’m not sure the origin of Giving Tuesday but I do like it, the idea of giving back to communities that give to you. In honour of Giving Tuesday I donated to Girls On… Continue reading

My 2022 Goals Revisited: The Why

This week I’m going to dig into why I chose to run all the Athletics Canada Championships. This is the first instalment, the Why. At some point early in 2022 I decided that… Continue reading

Assignment and Assessment Empathy

The lesson I learned is not to read the questions and rubric together, that’s too obvious and a shallow reflection. The lesson comes is in the feedback we offer to students, and more importantly how we construct assignments and their subsequent assessments.