2 weeks, 6 races…

… 4 planes, two ferries, a train, some transit, and a lot of driving. Sun. Heat. Cold. Wind. Rain, but teeming rain. Sleet, but no snow (thank goodness!). It seems like I saw… Continue reading

Behind Every Great Woman Is A Great Man: Woman-Up Part 2

Can I say that? We would say that about men, that every great man has a great woman behind him. In my world, it is that every great woman has a great man… Continue reading

Be Brave

Here I am in Portland, just after the Portland Track Festival. Yet another awesome track meet. Great to catch up with friends, watch some have breakout performances, nail Olympic Standards, and other have… Continue reading


So says the t-shirt the lovely Sarah Wells gave me. It’s part of her new line up of clothing that will hit Winners Retailers across Canada later this spring. Super pumped for my… Continue reading

Real Talk Reflections with Myself

…on a run. My think time. As a said in a post ‘First with the head, then with the heart,’ from one of my all-time favourite books, The Power of One. I had  good head-to-heart… Continue reading

Woman Up: Happy Mother’s Day 2016

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and amazing women in my life. I am so fortunate to say I am surrounded by amazing women. Last year my gift to my momma was… Continue reading

Take a Breath, Reflect & Move On

Well Payton Jordan 2016 was not the outcome I wanted. Onward and upwards. I could end my blog here and just close the door, but it’s not that simple (and there is always… Continue reading

Grace, Gratitude and Grit

I stole this from @RunningOnOm. No scratch that, I’m borrowing the title and spreading the amazing message from her podcast with Nicole Antoinette, episode #193: Real Talk Reflections on Gratitude, Grit, and Grace with Nicole… Continue reading

The Power of Yes!

Ever notice how strong the positivity bias can be when you open yourself up to it; the idea of challenging yourself to say yes to something instead of no, to see the brighter… Continue reading

Stanford Invite 2016

Here I sit on my couch looking back on Friday night, the 2016 Stanford Invite. I went down to Stanford to run a 5000m, a race that last year gave me a lot… Continue reading