Day 2 – Watching Kids do stuff they love

Wide-eyed and eager for the day, this smile on Ella’s face says it all – pure joy.

100 Days of Joy – Day 1

Seeing the love Harper has for Dax, now that is joy.

Playing to your Strengths and Weaknesses

We live in a culture that likes to point out our mistakes, that tells us to be better we need to ‘fix’ all those things we aren’t good at. While fixing our flaws is part of the puzzle, I don’t think it should dominate your story.

We got a puppy!

Meet Harper. I got to thinking that Harper is going to teach me the virtue of patience. She’s going to chew things, probably my running shoes. She’s going to barf, poop and pee on rugs, couches, my bed if she’s really mad!

Goal Setting: Putting Your Events into Effect

It is one thing to have these resolutions and events and another thing to put them into effect, to operationalize what you have set out to do. It’s time to write out your goals for 2020. Play to your strengths, find your weaknesses and work to improve those weaknesses, figure out what makes you jump out of bed in the morning.

What’s on your 2020 Calendar?

Before you get to setting your resolutions, your goals, your intentions for this fresh year, first write down a list of the big events that are coming in your life. It will help you navigate as you set your goals and how you plan to achieve these goals and work toward the big ‘things’ that are on your calendar.

Before you set your 2020 resolutions, don’t forget to savour 2019

I will leave the word resolutions for now, experts say they do not work but I still like to use the word (Graham, 2019; Weinschenk, 2016). Before you get into setting what the next year and decade might have in store for you, do not forget to reflect back on the last year and decade.

The Joy of Baking

I had some requests for the recipes from my holiday baking frenzy. I think this should capture them all. Happy Holidays!

Tools for Resilience

My process with resilience is ongoing. It ebbs, it flows. I have good moments, I have moments where I can merely cope, but I remember it’s a process. I remember my commitment to positivity. I remember my dedication to hard work and excellence. Every day is an opportunity, every day is a new chance to dare to do something that scares you.

Resilience Case Studies

We all have our own case studies of resilience. I have my shoe story from the Pan American Games. I was knocked down and around during my PhD studies, which I have now successfully defended. I’ve had my heart broken and found the love of my life. While the famous, superhero stories can be encouraging, it is drawing on our own experiences that help to make us better, helps to make us stronger. It is our superpowers that keep us going.