Day 9 – Getting Lost in the Woods

Good friend. Doing something we both love. No care for the time. That is a Sunday filled with joy.

Day 8 – the start of a new month

This lovely, winter, snowy day I spent mostly outside. Fresh start that I filled with many pleasant opportunities, a day filled with joy.

Day 7 – Daddio + Daughter Dinner Time

Over delicious food and wine last night I had one of those simple but magical nights – you know the ones that make you smile in the morning and remind you how much joy there is in your life.

Day 6 – Satisfaction from Hard Workouts

Working hard is one thing, working hard with your coach along side you is another – joy^2.

Day 5 – Catching up with Friends

For a blissful 45 minutes we chatted like no time passed. Back in our groove we celebrated moving freely. No better way to start your day than with joy.

Day 4 – Searching for Magic

The way the branches of the old tree protect the new tree. The reflection on the yellow brick wall. The window into the world of convocation hall. This is a place that brings me joy.

Day 3 – Catching a glimpse of sunshine on a rainy weekend

Being outside when Mother Nature shines her light on you for the briefest of moments on a rainy weekend – joy.

Day 2 – Watching Kids do stuff they love

Wide-eyed and eager for the day, this smile on Ella’s face says it all – pure joy.

100 Days of Joy – Day 1

Seeing the love Harper has for Dax, now that is joy.

Playing to your Strengths and Weaknesses

We live in a culture that likes to point out our mistakes, that tells us to be better we need to ‘fix’ all those things we aren’t good at. While fixing our flaws is part of the puzzle, I don’t think it should dominate your story.