Thoughts on Watching the Boston Marathon

What struck me yesterday was the resilience and resolve of each and every competitor, their love for what they do, and the ability to soak in the moment of something challenging, qualities that we can all embody in our everyday.

Travel Essentials

Travelling can be really fun, even in those hurry-up-and-wait moments if you are prepared for it. There are a few things I never leave home without. Noise Cancelling HeadphonesI have thes super small… Continue reading

You Cannot Ignore Emotional Stress

Stress is a reality for everyone. We have some control over how we engage with that stress. Recognise when you might have stressful days and just plan for the extra burden, instead of pretending that it does not exist. I think your life might be better for it.

Yup, We are Still Talking about Equal Rights

Teach this generation that girls can be anything. Teach these children to not see gender norms, gender divisions, and teach them to support and embrace each other as equals.

The Greatest Coaches of our Lives

The ones that tell stories. Stories you remember forever. Moments you cherish as it was you and that coach sharing that brief moment. Stories that you’re not really sure how they relate to you, training or competing, but stories that when you think of them make you smile.

Is Sleep a Super Power?

I know my days are better because I feel rested, alert, and excited every morning to get up and play.

Books changed my life

I remember as a child not enjoying sitting down a book. Maybe it was because we were forced to read certain books in specific categories. Perhaps it was my reading comprehension issues. It was not until I was much older and studying engineering that I really fell in love with reading.

Good Meals are Worth the Expense

While the view was spectacular, the food was even better. The menu was carefully designed to reflect local flavours and build upon traditional Canadian dishes. The tastes the chefs created were artfully designed to tease out different senses on our taste buds.

Celebrate the People that are Important to you

Today is my momma bear’s birthday. It’s a big one too, one of those birthdays that end in a 5 or a 0. No, I’m going to tell you exactly which one, except to say that I am really excited to celebrate my mom today.

I’m a Recovering Road Rage-aholic

For a long time, no matter how early I left or how late I would be I would enjoy getting stressed out and angry in my car – yelling in my personal little box – at all of the other people on the road. Driver. Cyclist. Pedestrian. You were all subjected to my rage. Was it good for me? Probably not. Did I enjoy it? A little, sadly. I actually found pleasure in the release of yelling during that micro-stressful state. Fast forward today and I do not drive angry anymore.