Grace, Gratitude and Grit

I stole this from @RunningOnOm. No scratch that, I’m borrowing the title and spreading the amazing message from her podcast with Nicole Antoinette, episode #193: Real Talk Reflections on Gratitude, Grit, and Grace with Nicole… Continue reading

The Power of Yes!

Ever notice how strong the positivity bias can be when you open yourself up to it; the idea of challenging yourself to say yes to something instead of no, to see the brighter… Continue reading

Stanford Invite 2016

Here I sit on my couch looking back on Friday night, the 2016 Stanford Invite. I went down to Stanford to run a 5000m, a race that last year gave me a lot… Continue reading

Hello Spring! What Winter?!

I was going to call this post ‘The Winter That Never Was,’ and it is true for a variety of reasons, but those voices in my head remind me to be more positive. It… Continue reading

Spring Forward? But I wanna Sleep!

It might be the worst Sunday of the year, the middle Sunday in March, you lose an hour of sleep. I am really fortunate, I have always been a good sleeper. Not only… Continue reading

Pan American XC Champs: Vargas, Venezuela

(Pre-Read warning, this is a long one). It has not been a fairytale winter, my knee and IT band wouldn’t totally settle down. I cross-trained a ton, did what I could running, and… Continue reading

My Favourite Core Exercises

Well at least for right now! Back in January Kristin at Oiselle asked us for our favourite core exercises, plus some pictures. Instead of just emailing them to her, I thought I’d share… Continue reading

Constructive Interference

Robin, this post is for you. The Physics Interference, in physics terms, has to do with wave propagation and what happens when two or more waves meet travelling along the same medium. The… Continue reading

I Here By Declare 2016 Open!

The plan was to open my season in Ottawa, on the lovely, oversized, 400m track. But what to run? We decided that this opener would be more of a workout so we loaded… Continue reading

Sometimes the Hardest Workout is the One you Don’t Get to do.

That’s what I posted on twitter Monday. I tried to warm up for my workout, I made it 6:31 into the warm up with Andrea, where I decided to stop and walk back… Continue reading