Real Talk Reflections with myself on Body Image

It’s been a long time since Running On Om published her last podcast, but episode 213, with Dr Melody Moore and Lauren Fleshman On Changing Eating Disorder Culture in Running, is one that… Continue reading

My Month With Mindfulness

Ok, I’ll be honest, it’s more than a month of a daily mindfulness practice. I have been experimenting A LOT with what works and what doesn’t work so well for me when it… Continue reading

How Gritty Are You?

Professional Engineer. PhD candidate. Professional coaching designation completed. Former engineering consultant.  Fabulous partner in crime. From the outside, it looks like a really charmed life, and really it is, but I’ve had my… Continue reading

It’s not always about the race(s)

Four years ago was the last time I adventured to Israel, and under very different circumstances and events! I participated in the inaugural Maccabi Woman event, a combination of running, cycling, and swimming;… Continue reading

Happy Canada D’eh!

Ok, this is late, but hey I was outside enjoying ‘the true north strong and free!’ It was the sesquicentennial, a fancy word for the 150th anniversary, here in Canada on July 1st;… Continue reading

My Inner Nerd Emerged

What do I do when I’m not running? I’m working on a PhD, of course! I am part of the Engineering Education Team at the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the… Continue reading

The (Un)official Rules for Road Tripping

There is nothing better than packing your bags and heading out with some of your best friends and training partners to adventure across the planet. We also have to recognize that we runners… Continue reading

Running is a Skill Part 1: Biomechanics

When I was a young ski coach, we always talked about athletes being ‘stacked.’ I had no idea what it meant, but I knew it when I saw it on snow, there was… Continue reading

Running is a Skill…

And so is everything and anything you do in life. Like everything else, running is a skill you can learn. Some even better news, running a relatively simple skill to pick up, but it… Continue reading

Season Openers and PB/R’s

Season openers are scary. You’ve been there before. You’ve stood on the line. But there is always a mix of trepidation and joy. Kara Goucher wrote a beautiful piece about getting to the… Continue reading