Day 32 – The return of the lost of art of ‘Hello’

When this global pandemic passes I’m making a commitment to continue to say ‘hello, how are you doing?’ to the people that I meet. Not only do I think it helps to knit the fabric of our community together but it also brings me joy.

Day 31 – Finding Joy in Challenging Times

I’m not pretending there is not a global pandemic, but I am going to do my part to bring some positivity to this world.

Day 30 – Finding your Mojo

Sometimes we get lost on the path of the things we are passionate about. If we’re patient we may just be lucky to find the joy again.

Day 29 – A Modern Day Smoke Break

Working and studying inside all day might be equally as harmful to our health as smoking. Taking an old habit and getting up every sixty to ninety minutes, and instead of smoking, connecting to nature might reduce these negative health effects. Plus, bring a positive health effect through joy.

Day 28 – Remembering

Death is hard, but balancing it with the joyful memories makes it just a little easier.

Day 27 – Getting Excited when it Snows

I’m heading out the door to go play in the snow creating an art through the trail I leave behind with my steps. I’m heading out the door filled with joy as I go do this workout.

Day 26 – Celebrating the Little Things

Harper’s small step in training, her graduation from puppy class, reminded me that it is important to take a moment to celebrate the achievement. Trying to get Harper to put on her graduation cap left Dax and I laughing. And really, laughing is one of the greatest expressions of joy.

Day 25 – Catching up with Friends

It’s fun sometimes to do things alone. But belly laughing with friends doing an activity you both love, and watching the sunset, your heart swells with joy.

Day 24 – Minimizing Access

By limiting access I will create space in my life for the things that are more important. Spending time in the social world can be fun, but spending time in the real world is the ultimate joy.

Day 23 – Snowstorms

Watching the snow come down in large flakes all around me as I was bundled up for to enjoy the weather – a sense of freedom and joy.