Why Serena is the GOAT🐐

Serena is not the Greatest of all Time (GOAT) because of the number of championship titles she holds. Nor is she the GOAT for the overall number of wins she has. She’s not the GOAT because, along side sister Venus, they served faster, hit the ball harder or moved better on the court, forever elevating tennis. 

Yes, Serena changed the game of tennis, alongside that she changed women’s sport forever.

The Scent of Cross-Country Season

Live north of the equator and fall is in the air. Leaves change colour and fall from trees, days are shorter and there is a crispness to the morning air. 

Being in Tune with What your Body is Trying to Tell you

I missed a week of writing last week. I also missed some signs from my body and an infection festered. I was not so much ignoring the signs trying to be brave and ‘push through, as I just was not listening all that well to what my body was trying to tell.

An Unofficial End to Summer

It’s the Labour Day Long weekend, the first weekend in September, and for most of Canada it marks the last weekend before school after summer break.

How I want to be remembered

How do I want to be remembered? As the person who smiled at everyone. While out on a bike ride this week, my neighbour John said ‘I’d know you from anywhere by that smile.’ was riding by him and some friends with a giant grin on my face; excited to be on my bike, out in the open air, inhaling the deep green leaves, blue sky and sunshine, and seeing a familiar face as I was out on the open roads.

Once in a Blue Moon

Which is tonight (August 22, 2021); a Blue Moon is the third Full Moon of a season that has four full moons (the other Blue Moon is the rare occasion of a second full moon in the… Continue reading

I Miss Early Morning Wake-Up’s

I also miss writing. Watching incredible performances during Tokyo 202One it reminded me that for the past year I neglected many of my favourite things to do, including a writing practice. Like many others, I grew tired of looking at a screen all day and instead of building up some wrist endurance writing in a conventional notebook I gave up the practice all together. Tokyo202One awoke something in me to help to continue to raise the bar as I demand excellence in my life.

Don’t Call It a Come Back… And no, I’m not Giving Up

There are two sides to this story and a host of narratives in between. The first side to my tale, I made the difficult decision to cancel my trip to the US to start racing on the Pro Track Circuit again. The second side to this story, trying to run the Olympic Standard in the 1500m.

Day 36 – Meaning

That feeling of discomfort according to expert David Kessler is grief. I am finding meaning, which is filling my heart with moments of joy.

Day 35 – Finding Connection from a Distance

During this time of social distancing find connection to keep a sense of joy in your life. Join me for the Aravaipa Strong Virtual Race from April 17th to 26th. Let’s run ‘together’ and share our results and our joy of running.