Look Who’s Wearing Yellow!

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning I head out with the Morning Glory Cycling Club for a little torture! We ride out along our two main routes and then do some hill repeats or… Continue reading

Good Friday Road Race: OCup #1

Friday was my initiation to the Ontario Road Racing Circuit. At 6:30 I loaded into the car and headed out to the Flamborough Speedway for the Road OCup #1, the Good Friday Road… Continue reading

Getting Ready for the Competition Season: Strengthen Your Core

People often say the secret to a successful relationship is to have a strong and solid foundation. It’s an engineering thing, the key to building a good structure, be it a house, a… Continue reading

I confess, I ride on the Sidewalk

I posted this earlier on my Sustainable Transportation blog … Not always, just sometimes. Mostly at busy intersections where it feels like buses, cars and motorbikes are standing on top of each other.… Continue reading

Early Season Long Rides

My ski season ended abruptly. Summer descended upon Southern Ontario for about two weeks. Days on end we saw record highs, temperatures reaching the low to mid 20’s(C) (around the 70F mark). While… Continue reading

Small Sacrifices

I have a secret addiction; powder skiing. Floating effortlessly through the clumps of the white, fluffy stuff, there are not too many sensations like that in the world. But wait isn’t this a… Continue reading

Fast and Female

I have decided to change this blog a little. I was inspired by a friend of mine to update it weekly; to talk about what is going well and not so well in… Continue reading

Nice to Meet You

I have been running, competing and for enjoyment, for more than 20 years. I am still trying to figure out if I’m just training to have fun or training to be competitive. My… Continue reading