Don’t you just feel better when you eat well

One of the things I have not really spoken to in my writing is eating well. How making the conscious choice to eat a balanced diet makes you feel better. Not only can… Continue reading

My morning coffee ritual

Coffee time is sacred time in our house. It’s often a time when my partner and I sit together, often not talking, sitting just staring into the fireplace or out the window for whatever weather Ontario has thrown at us. With my partner usually up before me, he makes the coffee, and as I stumble downstairs hood up, he brings me a coffee to the couch.

What Happens when​ You’re Nervous

I’ll put my courage pants on today. I’ll remind myself to breathe and believe in my work. My supervisor has been fantastic at telling me how important this work is, the time and effort I have put in, and to believe in what I have accomplished so far.

The Rise of Gaming

McGonigal’s work centres around all the great opportunities gaming can offer; she even goes on to suggest that gamers might go on to solve the worlds greatest challenges. From teamwork to resilience to courage, these are the skills gamers embody and skills that are needed for the next set of problems we will encounter as a society.

What’s the Deal with Blue Light

Why is it the blue light that keeps us awake? As I read in Peter Wohlleben’s The Secret Wisdom of Nature it is because of the photopigment melanopsin in our eyes. When the photopigment is hit by blue light, it signals to our brain that it is daytime and we should stay awake, essentially the opposite of what the adenosine build up is telling our brains.

Some thoughts on my Mental Wellness

I see mental health as all the stuff you cannot control and how it might make you behave. I see mental wellness as the things within your control – sleep, nutrition, who you surround yourself with, exercise, etc. Your mental wellness can impact your mental health, so doing the things to maintain your mental wellness is essential.

Thoughts on Being a Sports Fan

It is playoff season for both basketball and hockey. Baseball season is underway. The spring cycling classics have been going on for weeks with a mix of road and cyclocross champions together. Track… Continue reading

Procrastination is Not a Sign of Laziness

According to Fiore “procrastination is a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision.” I think we can all relate to that.

Shifting our mindset on downtime

I shifted my thinking on rest years ago with the help of the Believe Training Journal by treating my rest days as just as necessary as training days and writing about it in my training log. While a small gesture it is a powerful way to shift your mindset.

Why Sleep is Important

For the last few years, athletes and coaches had discussed the importance of nutrition and its timing, before that it was training and consistency. I think the next wave of discussion will focus on sleep as we head into Tokyo2020.