Belief: A retrospective look at National XC Champs

It’s funny, I look back on cross-country championships in Kingston and I still cannot believe that actually happened. Not just that I won, but that I took off from the field with ~2k… Continue reading

Some Reflections on the Recovery Process

CNO Financial Monumental Half Marathon + PhD Comprehensive Exams (Written Portion) + Athletics Ontario Cross-Country Championships + PhD Comprehensive Exams (Oral Defence) = One.Tired.Lady! I learned a lot about myself and recovery this… Continue reading

An Open Letter to the CIS

10k versus 6k. What’s the right distance to run for cross-country championships at the CIS? I’m not going to pretend to know! However, I did offer the following letter to the CIS and… Continue reading

Stepping Outside of your Comfort Zone

I never used to be a fan of Cross-Country, the racing or the training. It’s dark. It’s cold. It is often wet, very wet. One of my commitments to becoming a better runner, a… Continue reading

Fall Renewal

Wow, this post has been on my mind since August! I cannot believe summer is gone, Canadian Thanksgiving has passed; blissful, hot summer nights have been exchanged for colourful, autumn days. Autumn, back… Continue reading

5k Road Champs

As I sit here reflecting on the race, I cannot help but laugh at the series of things that happened in and around the event. Successes and failures alike that day there was… Continue reading


With the Olympics over, it’s time to go back to reality. No more skipping work, workouts, life to watch a select group of amazing athletes give it their all. There were so many… Continue reading

Euro Adventure 2016

You know it’s going to be a great adventure when you arrive at the airport and you hear the words ‘Ms Gollish we have moved you to business class’ when you’re at bag… Continue reading

I Did Not Make the Olympics

But I did come within 8 one-hundredths of a second of making standard in the 1500m. Was 2nd to my fabulous teammate Andrea in the 5000m at Nationals. And pretty much did all… Continue reading

Nationals 2016

Ok, technically it’s really called Olympic Trials, but when you don’t have standard, you go and race it like any other nationals. This year I decided that with my rough spring that I… Continue reading