Day 19 – Valentines Day

Celebrating the love you have for someone, that definitely brings me a sense of joy.

Day 18 – Coming Home

Coming home to your house smell and the ones you love, nothing but a sense of joy.

Day 17 – Going for a run in a new place

I ran from just outside of the Old Park City Village up to Deer Valley. The sun was setting as I reached the base of the mountain. I looked up and smiled, I felt nothing but joy.

Day 16 – Mountain Air

Standing at the top of Park City, Utah looking at the vast array of mountains around me, taking in a big drink of air, filled my lungs and my heart with joy.

Day 15 – The Excitement of Heading Out on a Trip

I love heading out to see different places, especially when I get to travel with the people I love the most in the world. The anticipation of going on an adventure with people you love – fills my heart with joy.

Day 14 – The sound of snow crunching

The sound of snow crunching beneath your feet on a cold, crisp, sunny day, it’s the sound of joy.

Day 13 – Watching the one you love the most go off to do something they love to do

We love each other. We trust each other. We give each other the space we need to do things that are important. Watching Rol head out the door today my heart was full and I smiled with joy.

Day 12 – Smiling at Strangers

Try it for a week. Try smiling at the people you see on the street. Try smiling as you hold a door open for someone. It’s life changing and it brings so much joy to your life.

Day 11 – Losing yourself in a good book

An afternoon spent immersed in another world through the eyes of a book – nothing but joy.

Day 10 – Make Way for Blue Skies

With most weekenders having left for the city I had the roads to myself. Starting your week doing something you love with the sun paving the way to glory = joy.