Day 24 – Minimizing Access

By limiting access I will create space in my life for the things that are more important. Spending time in the social world can be fun, but spending time in the real world is the ultimate joy.

Day 23 – Snowstorms

Watching the snow come down in large flakes all around me as I was bundled up for to enjoy the weather – a sense of freedom and joy.

Day 22 – Working with Great People

This morning I spent some time reflecting about my opportunity in the classroom. I recognized what makes it so rewarding is the people I am surrounded by. A paycheck is one thing. Working with awesome people, it’s a paycheck paid in moments of joy.

Day 21 – Celebrating Family Day

Watching Reid’s face light up as we went down the hill. Watching Ella cheer for her little brother skiing. Going through the tunnel on skis. That was one family day filled with joy.

Day 20 – Sliding on your bum

Walking with people you love. Being so tired that you can’t walk anymore. Watching them laugh at you as you slide down the hill pretending to that your pants are a toboggan. Laughing as you come to a stop. Nothing but joy.

Day 19 – Valentines Day

Celebrating the love you have for someone, that definitely brings me a sense of joy.

Day 18 – Coming Home

Coming home to your house smell and the ones you love, nothing but a sense of joy.

Day 17 – Going for a run in a new place

I ran from just outside of the Old Park City Village up to Deer Valley. The sun was setting as I reached the base of the mountain. I looked up and smiled, I felt nothing but joy.

Day 16 – Mountain Air

Standing at the top of Park City, Utah looking at the vast array of mountains around me, taking in a big drink of air, filled my lungs and my heart with joy.

Day 15 – The Excitement of Heading Out on a Trip

I love heading out to see different places, especially when I get to travel with the people I love the most in the world. The anticipation of going on an adventure with people you love – fills my heart with joy.