Shifting my sleep in preparation for a midnight marathon

Along with the challenge of the heat, will be the challenge of shifting my schedule to a night owl schedule. I love my sleep, and I often get into bed at 8:30 pm, falling asleep between 9:00 and 10:00 pm depending on how tired I am and how good my book is (okay, I have also been known to fall asleep at 7:30pm when I’m really tired!). Needless to say, this night owl shift made me anxious.

Another Reason Not to Use Some Supplements

I am a proponent for supplements when they make sense, you know those vitamins and minerals you may have trouble accessing from food. For instance, I use an iron supplement, not because I do not eat meat, specifically red meat, or green leafy vegetables, but because no matter how much I eat I still cannot get enough iron (ferritin) into my system.

Some Workouts for Coming Back from Injury

If you’re a runner at some point you are bound to get injured. While we do what we can to prevent injury, they are inevitable. I suffered from two acute injuries this spring… Continue reading

Celebrate your Successes

After all is said and done with a milestone you have hit in life it is important to celebrate your accomplishment. Before the reflection part, before thinking about what is next, taking that moment to savour all the hard work, dedication and effort to achieve your goal.

My middle of Summer Check-in​

Each summer I try to do a New Year’s resolution check-in to see where I’m at with the goals that I set. I usually try to add in some new goals. Last summer it was starting my day with gratitude, a routine I have continued, and this summer it was changing out my breakfast routine.

Mathematics is Kind

Math is a kind learning environment for the most part. Those closed-ended questions that students spend much of their time working on provide direct, accurate feedback. If a student is working on a computer than the feedback is immediate. Working with a solutions manual, the feedback can be near immediate.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

That old adage that says ‘practice makes perfect.’ I do not believe in perfection, because it actually sets the bar lower but I certainly believe in practice.

What if treated all big life​​ events like races?

Nerves are normal and natural, in fact, they are also a good weapon to have in your arsenal. Being nervous is good for you? Yes, it demonstrates your emotional investment into your task at hand. Learning from what Kelly McGonigal has to say about stress, channelling that nervous energy into something positive can be really beneficial.

The Magic of Mathematics

Imagine we taught math like we taught anything else. Once you learn the alphabet, the doors open to poetry, storytelling, research, the dramatic arts, and so much more. These few brush strokes, and you could be the next Picasso, Monet, Chagall, Jackson Pollack (one of my favourite artists) or pick your favourite artist. Learn that ready position and you could be the next Serena Williams, Megan Rapinoe, Lindsay Vonn, or pick your favourite sports superstar.

Post-PhD – Now What?

When I started this PhD project back in 2015 I had no intention of ever teaching. Now that we are at the conclusion of this project I really want to teach. I think teaching in an engineering classroom would combine my love of coaching and engineering. I am also hoping to find something that allows me to continue researching, because I found out I really love that too.