Make Better Choices

When I started my National Coaching Institute level 4 coaching diploma I thought I would be posting every week, but it’s almost December and this is my first post! My friend Warren inspired… Continue reading

I came, I saw, I crashed

It’s what I posted on FaceBox when I returned to the hotel shortly after my race. I crashed, and it was a good one. My race seemed to be a little plagued from… Continue reading

Sears Training Tip #10: Sometimes on a Run Things Go Bonk

Bonk. [bongk]. Defintion: Also known as ‘hitting the wall,’ describes a condition caused by the depletion of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles, which manifests itself by sudden fatigue and loss of… Continue reading

A little running, a little riding and lots of delicious coffee

Of course I’m doing things the ‘sasha’ way. Team ride at 8:30am? Anyone want to meet at 8 instead? Team meeting at 5? Ok it’s 4:15 I have time to get in a… Continue reading

How Many People Does it take to put a bike together?

Training over the last few days has been great. I’ve met more and more of my teammates and I’ve had an opportunity to explore Nancy. My first day here I was in a… Continue reading

The Eagle has Landed…

I made it. 16hours of travel, a plane, a train and a bus and I have arrived in Nancy, France after over coming a few hurdles along the travel route and in the… Continue reading

Sears Training Tip #9 – Run With Intention

The Sears Great Canadian Run is less about getting faster, pushing limits, and testing your legs but more about raising awareness and funds for a great cause. But that doesn’t mean you cannot… Continue reading

Canadian Duathlon Championships

Sunday played host to the Toronto Triathlon Festival, home to a sprint and Olympic distance Triathlon and the National Duathlon Championships. Too afraid of swimming in Lake Ontario at Ontario place I participated… Continue reading

Jesse’s Out to Lunch Creation’s Vanilla Almond Protein Truffles

My friend and colleague, Jesse, and I decided we would do a blog swap. Jesse is an amazingly creative foodie, who balances deliciousness with healthy ingredients. I asked Jesse if she could come… Continue reading

The Ol Ball n’ Chain

Picture it … Chick. Likes to nag. Leaves you a ‘honey-do’ list. Calls to remind you what she wants done first. Then sends you a text message to remind you again. Totally slows… Continue reading