Surround yourself With Amazing Women (And Steal Their Superpowers!)

Once upon a time, about 25 years ago, on a little ski hill in Southern Ontario, I met a girl who would become my best friend. We were two little tomboys who met… Continue reading

Want to get faster, fitter, stronger? Then make sure you rest!

On my way home from Cornell this weekend I overheard a teammate talking about wanting to be faster and stronger. Looking forward to training camp, they were talking about all the great work… Continue reading

Athlete Feature On Prissy Tomboy Athletics

Another amazing organization out there promoting young girls to stay with sport. Similar to Fast and Female, Prissy Tomboy Athletics is hosting events to promote sports, to promote being a girl, and to… Continue reading

Book Review: The Art of Thinking Clearly

While at Nationals and on my ‘taper’ I plowed through another book, Rolf Dobelli’s, The Art of Thinking Clearly. It was easy to digest with each chapter about 3 pages in length. After… Continue reading

Post Nats XC Recap

#ACXC (Nationals XC) was on Saturday so I’ve had a few minutes to reflect on the race. Things did not go as planned; I got a stitch and just could not fight through… Continue reading

Book Review: The Power of Habit – Why We Do What we Do in Life and Business

Charles Duhigg has written this amazing book about our habits, you know the stuff you do every day without thinking about it. From brushing your teeth first thing in the morning, to making… Continue reading

Winter Running and Cold Weather Tips

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year..” Unless you’re a runner who is trying to put in some speedy repeats! A few people have asked me, ‘how do you cope with the… Continue reading

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger: A Lesson in Mental Courage

I do not like cross-country running. I assure you this is not an excuse, I am going to share with you a way to make yourself stronger not only as an athlete, but… Continue reading

Simple Things to Improve your Diet

I first saw this on the Runner’s Academy FaceBook Page. But it’s a awesome simple way to improve your diet. Thanks to John Berardi, Ph.D. of Precision Nutrition for this infographic. As I… Continue reading

PED’s, Doping, and the Current Landscape

There has been so much in the news lately about doping. The Globe and Mail published Cathal Kelly’s It’s Not About A-Rod Being Clean, it’s About him Coming Clean on November 5th. Last… Continue reading