Day 36 – Meaning

It’s grim out there. The world is shut down while we await COVID-19 to pass. Although, I’m not sure it will ever return to what we knew before. Like many of you I have moments where I’m positive and moments of pure despair.

I miss my family dinners. I miss seeing my friends. I miss jumping on a plane to do some sort of an adventure, and all the new friends that come with that. I miss my student interactions. I miss my meetings with my teaching team. I miss what I knew as my former life.

I know I’m not alone. I also know I don’t have the tools to solve this. Grief expert, David Kessler, interviewed by the Harvard Business Review suggests the discomfort we are experiencing is grief. I recommend reading his suggestions, but what I took away from the article was to find meaning to find joy again.

So the joy from this pandemic… I appreciate the extra moments I have at home with my partner, Rol, his son, Dax, and our puppy, Harper. I appreciate the drive by grocery drop off at my parent’s house where I get to see them, I get to laugh (and yes, we maintain social distancing). I appreciate the kindness of neighbours helping each other out. I am enjoying creating new recipes. I am finding meaning, which is filling my heart with moments of joy.