Day 29 – A Modern Day Smoke Break

Remember when the smoke break was a ‘thing?’ You and your colleagues would gather up once an hour and head outside for a cigarette. This is between the days of smoking in the office and where we are now.

We know we should stand once an hour, if you have any ‘smart watch’ you get a reminder to stand up. Maybe the smokers were on to something back then? They all stood up and went for a walk, stretched their legs, and enjoyed some sunshine.

This is not a suggestion to start smoking, the evidence shows us that both smoking and vaping are detrimental to our health. Why not take the good aspects of the smoke break, the outside sunshine time and add it to our day?

This idea came up in a brief conversation with my friend Chris this morning, when I jokingly said he should go for a ‘smoke break’ as he was telling me about his busy day.

Working and studying inside all day might be equally as harmful to our health as smoking. Taking an old habit and getting up every sixty to ninety minutes, and instead of smoking, connecting to nature might reduce these negative health effects. Plus, bring a positive health effect through joy.