Day 26 – Celebrating the Little Things

Harper graduated from puppy school. I am not delusional, she is not fully trained but she is on her way.

Every Tuesday evening Harper and I head down to the local PetSmart, sometimes with Rol, last night Dax made a guest appearance. We meet up with the other puppies, who are also in training, for some pre-class play time, and then the dog-whisperer Julian teaches us, the owners, how to manage our puppies.

After 6-weeks Harper successfully graduated, which got me thinking about the little things. Julian spoke about changing the PetSmart culture to celebrate graduation from puppy school and it had me reflecting upon the various successes we have in life.

Harper’s small step in training, her graduation from puppy class, reminded me that it is important to take a moment to celebrate the achievement. Trying to get Harper to put on her graduation cap left Dax and I laughing. And really, laughing is one of the greatest expressions of joy.