Day 24 – Minimizing Access

I got sucked into a twitter war yesterday, and I am the only one to blame. After apologizing, and thus engaging, in a conversation I broke all of my rules about social media; I was constantly checking on in the twitter app on my phone and on my computer.

Lately I’ve noticed that there has been a creep in my overall screen time on my phone. While moving email to the furthest screen has decreased my engagement, the same is not true for social media. I keep opening the folder with all my social media apps and going through the various platforms. What a total waste of time.

I had set a goal of only checking email and social media at specific times during the day. I need to take the good habits of email and move them into social media. I just changed the folder name from ‘social media’ to ‘be mindful’ in an attempt to change this habit.


Because limiting access is essential for our mental health. Instead of engaging in a social world I want to engage in the real world. I want to go outside with Harper and Rol and be present with them. I want to go out for a run and engage with my feet.

By limiting access I will create space in my life for the things that are more important. Spending time in the social world can be fun, but spending time in the real world is the ultimate joy.