Day 13 – Watching the one you love the most go off to do something they love to do

Find a partner you can spend your life with and love them hard. Also, give them the freedom and space to chase after goals and dreams that also resonate with their heart.

Rol’s off to do a long distance mountain bike race in Atlanta, GA. It’s an 85 kilometer point-to-point race. And he’s headed off with two guys that he loves to race and train with.

Originally, I was planning to go watch him do this event. We like to support each other by coming to cheer at our various events. As I teased out the details of the trip I realized it was not just a race but a boys weekend doing things they love to do.

We love each other. We trust each other. We give each other the space we need to do things that are important. Watching Rol head out the door today my heart was full and I smiled with joy.