Day 10 – Make Way for Blue Skies

I decided to stay an extra night out of the city with my stepdaughter. I awoke early to get some work done before I had to get in the car to drive us home. Plus, I get up early to do work so I can run during daylight hours.

I headed out this morning and it was a dull day. Grey skies. Damp. Dreary. Still I recognized the opportunity to be outside doing something I love – a shakeout run in advance of a workout.

About halfway through my run, the clouds shifted (usually you would say they broke, but check out the photo below). All of a sudden the sunshine was beaming down on the road. It was portrait-like.

With most weekenders having left for the city I had the roads to myself. Starting your week doing something you love with the sun paving the way to glory = joy.