Playing to your Strengths and Weaknesses

I just read that we are in a weakness obsessed world, which I internalized as we forget to play to our strengths. This got me thinking back to my days of alpine ski coaching, both with the athletes and as a facilitator training new coaches. One of my primary objectives teaching both pools of athletes was to get them to see the positive first; don’t tell me what you are doing wrong in your skiing, tell me what you see that is good.

We live in a culture that likes to point out our mistakes, that tells us to be better we need to ‘fix’ all those things we aren’t good at. While fixing our flaws is part of the puzzle, I don’t think it should dominate your story.

Remember before the new year I said write down all the things that went well, all your accomplishments, same thing here, write down all the things you are great at. All of those skills and values you have to keep working at those too. I have to keep working at excellence, at building resilience, otherwise, I will lose those skills. Only after you have identified your strengths should you start to think about your weaknesses; I am going to work on being more patient this year, because, well, I’m just not a patient person!

Yes, thinking positively first is challenging. Our brain craves the negative bias, we have been trained to always look for the things we need to fix first. Start now at building a positive rapport with your head and your heart. You will be so much the better for working on things you are not great at if you keep working on the things that are your strengths.

Next up, I will be diving into values and how to operationalize those value, bringing together a way to design your life. And if you need to do it the opposite way, I’ll put together a piece on how to use these in reverse to design your life to be joyful, successful and resilient.