We got a puppy!

I had intentions of writing a 7-day New Year’s resolution series and having these all come out one after the other. I am still going to write this 7-series to help with 2020 goal setting, because no it is not too late to write resolutions or modify them.

On January 2nd we welcomed Harper into our lives. Harper is a lab-hound-terrier-something mix rescue puppy. Thanks to the amazing folks at Fetch & Releash who have changed our lives.

When I was younger I adopted a two-year-old lab-husky-white german shepherd. She had these long, white eyelashes, she was this totally calm, old soul who just wanted you to love and snuggle her. Matilda used to sit on your feet not asking for belly or head rubs, she justed wanted you to know she loved you.

It took me a long time to get over the loss of Matilda, but for a while now I have known that I have been ready to bring another dog into my life. A friend of mine was fostering one of Harper’s siblings and when I met Joel I knew the timing was right.

One of my weaknesses is patience. Brad Stulberg tweeted about children and patience. I do not want children, I have three amazing step-children who enrich my life in ways I never expected.

I got to thinking that Harper is going to teach me the virtue of patience. She’s going to chew things, probably my running shoes. She’s going to barf, poop and pee on rugs, couches, my bed if she’s really mad! She’s going to keep me up every so often. Similar to having a kid but not the same.

Harper has brought only love to this house. I cannot wait for her to be my trail companion, the one who loves me unconditionally, the one who brings joy to those of use when we have sorrows.

You can follow Harper’s journey on Instagram.