What’s on your 2020 Calendar?

January 1st, 2020. Happy New Year. Welcome to a new year. Welcome to a new decade. May you start this year off in a way that inspires you to be better every day. Big, small, personal or for someone else, I think the little things we do every day to be better are the things that make life joyful. These little nuggets of gratitude will also inspire you to excel in ways you may never have dreamed of.

Where to start? Establish your core values first? Or work with what you’ve already got on the calendar? The theoretical side of me says you should establish your core values first. The practical side of me says ‘life happens’ and most of us have events on the calendar.

As I look to my 2020 to my resolutions, goals and intentions I have to balance the things that have already hit my calendar – hence, waiting to do the values part of my 2020 resolutions and goals.

Some big things already on my 2020 Calendar:
– Jan 2nd, Harper, our rescue puppy moves in.
– Feb 16th, World Snow Shoe Championships in Myoko, Japan.
– End of June/Early July, Track & Field Olympic Trials.
– End of June/Early July, start a full-time engineering faculty teaching position.

Big moments ahead, ones I’m excited for, but also not trying to wish away the time now as they approach. I am going to continue to live in the moment, to savour those little things that happen that make me stop and smile. Oh, and I’m sure there will be a marathon on that list at some point – I know I’m in burnout recovery because I couldn’t help but think of races on my run this morning, but I’m also not rushing to overwhelm myself again.

Before you get to setting your resolutions, your goals, your intentions for this fresh year, first write down a list of the big events that are coming in your life. It will help you navigate as you set your goals and how you plan to achieve these goals and work toward the big ‘things’ that are on your calendar.