The Joy of Baking

A week ago I knew I was going to be home alone for the weekend so I decided that would be my holiday baking weekend. I derive an immense amount of satisfaction and joy from both cooking and baking. While I like to savour in the foods I put together, there is something even more satisfying knowing that someone else is going to bite into something I made and smile.

I wanted to put together a basket of treats that was part family-tradition, part-new adventure, a mix of flavours but also something that resonated with the holidays. My house smelled like Christmas, as Rol, my partner, said when he arrived home after two days of baking.

I have packaged up and delivered all the treats, and along the way, I consumed many of my own delicious delights. This year’s cookie adventure was the Sip of Hot Cocoa cookie, one that will likely become a family favourite. I will probably bake again before Christmas day, I have yet to make some gingerbread people. But for now, I’m relishing in the joy I created for myself by spending time doing something I love so much, something both of my grandmothers loved to do, and something that everyone around me gets to share.

I had some requests for recipes, which if you follow the links below you will find. This was the list of things I baked (in baking order):

  1. Candied Nuts
  2. Chocolate Bark
  3. Holiday Crack Toffee
  4. Holiday Granola
  5. Bubbie’s Chocolate Chipits Shortbread
  6. Sip of Hot Cocoa Cookies
  7. Ginger Cookies
  8. Mandelbrot (aka Jewish Biscotti)