Tools for Resilience

At the end of seven days, what does all of this mean? It means we all get to work on being resilient every day.

From psychology to engineering, from looking to celebrity examples to looking within yourself, from learning to let go of perfection and other strategies that do not represent resilience, we get to work on our resilience every day.

Resilience is a skill, not an innate talent. Resilience is a process, it’s not a destination. 

When I fail, when I falter I surround myself with those that bring me joy and that I love. Then I ‘sit’ down and work through how to heal and to be more resilient. Here is what helps me move through the resilience process:

  1. Community: When you’re down and you need to get up, it is your community that will help you get back up. Find your tribe, love them hard. They will love you back, and remember when they need you, you need to be there for them too. 
  2. Connection: Connection is human nature and when we have connection, especially through empathy, we can get through the worst of it. 
  3. Courage: To be really courageous, to really put yourself out there, you have to be vulnerable. And to be vulnerable you have to be courageous, because it is incredibly terrifying to really put yourself out there. And the best lessons come when you let the vulnerability in to listen to what your heart and head need to move forward.
  4. Curiosity: Cicero said curiosity was an innate love of learning and knowledge. To learn from what’s happened, we need to seek the knowledge of the situation, to be brave, and to open yourself to what might come. 
  5. Commitment: Hard work and excellence have always been values that are important to me. These were instilled at a young age by my parents. After 36 years of marriage, three strong children who love them and have moved beyond parents to friendship, I think they did something right! Nothing happens without that healthy dose of committing to those things and those people that are the most important. 

As I write this, I am uncertain what my future running career holds. I am filled with a sadness worried that I’m leaving something behind, but I’m excited for what might also open up. Using these tools, and writing, has helped me face the emotions and the uncertainty. 

My process with resilience is ongoing. It ebbs, it flows. I have good moments, I have moments where I can merely cope, but I remember it’s a process. I remember my commitment to positivity. I remember my dedication to hard work and excellence. Every day is an opportunity, every day is a new chance to dare to do something that scares you.