Another Reason Not to Use Some Supplements

I am a proponent for supplements when they make sense, you know those vitamins and minerals you may have trouble accessing from food. For instance, I use an iron supplement, not because I do not eat meat, specifically red meat, or green leafy vegetables, but because no matter how much I eat I still cannot get enough iron (ferritin) into my system.

I do not recommend taking supplements when it does not make sense. All those vitamins and minerals you can access when you eat a variety of healthy foods. Add to that, those multivitamins are the worst; they often contain vitamins and minerals that work against each other, meaning your absorb next to nothing in what you are taking. 

The other day I was listening to the VeloNews podcast (Episode 82, ~16:50) with one of my favourite nerds, Trevor Connor (he calls himself that). The research he looks at suggests that taking supplements may actually suppress your body’s ability to produce them, especially in the antioxidant category. 

There was a quick discussion in the podcast as this related to melatonin. Similar to antioxidants, the more you take, the less your body will produce. If you’re currently taking a regular regimen of melatonin, I do not recommend going cold turkey. Instead, wean yourself off of melatonin so your body can to again begin to produce it. 

Supplementation can make sense depending on where you are in your days. Travelling, having some health challenges, then perhaps it makes sense. Remember all the supplements come from ‘industry’ who, generally speaking, have a primary objective of maximizing profits. These companies may have secondary objectives to improve your health. Scrutinize, look closely at labels, figure out what vitamins and minerals you really need, start with what you eat and supplement only where you need to.