Celebrate your Successes

After all is said and done with a milestone you have hit in life it is important to celebrate your accomplishment. Before the reflection part, before thinking about what is next, taking that moment to savour all the hard work, dedication and effort to achieve your goal.

The day of my dissertation defence, my parents arranged to have a small dinner for me. I wanted my favourite meal (steak, salad and potatoes), champagne, an ice cream cake, and the people that mean the most to me seated at the table. We raised a glass in celebration of the journey, which for me will provide lasting memories of the years’ accomplishment.

I am not one to celebrate my success, or for that matter, dwell in failure. While it has served me well with the latter, it has been a disservice to the former. I often see it as a tick box on a to-do list and move on to the next thing. Taking a moment to honour your accomplishment is an essential part of the process.

I heard Kara Goucher talk about this on The Running Rogue podcast with Chris McClung. Kara is a humble runner with many accolades (World Championships medalist just to name one). Instead of boasting her accomplishments, including hanging medals and awards on her walls, she puts them away. She suggested that perhaps seeing them every so often would be a good reminder of all the hard work she put in to achieve success in her pursuits. I agree with Kara, it’s important to remind yourself humbly way how hard you work for the things that matter to you.

The next time you have a milestone moment, bring together the important person or people in your life and celebrate you. Before you reflect, before you decide what is next, live in that moment. Choose you. Choose to believe and celebrate all that you did, because I think it will make us stronger and more resilient as we move forward in life.