My middle of Summer Check-in​

Did you start your summer with that ultimate beach body you have always dreamed of? Or like me, were you happy with where you were at and excited for a couple of months of longer days, more time outside, and reconnecting with your community.

A lot has happened for me through the first half of the summer. I finished up my PhD and became a doctor. My injury healed up, and I was able to return to running. I have been working up at the cottage for over 5 weeks now and have crushed many of those tasks on my ‘to do’ list. While I have read fewer books than I would have by now, I have put many words to paper. Really, I am living my best life, as many people post on their social feeds.

Each summer I try to do a New Year’s resolution check-in to see where I’m at with the goals that I set. I usually try to add in some new goals. Last summer it was starting my day with gratitude, a routine I have continued, and this summer it was changing out my breakfast routine.

After reading Dr Stacy Sim’s Roar, I decided that I was going to start my day with a glass of cow’s milk. Ontario has some of the strictest dairy guidelines in the world and knowing what a great source of protein and good fat milk is I knew this was going to be a significant change in my dietary routine. Plus, I find the taste of a cold glass of milk really satisfying, so I am excited to start my day with it. And as an added bonus there is a local dairy, Miller’s Dairy, that produces fresh milk in glass bottles, so on top of it all, I am supporting a local farmer.

As you enjoy your long weekend, what are you doing to check in on yourself? It is not too late to chase after your goals. Pen them to paper, share them with your trusted friends, and get after it. I promise you’ll smile at the end of the summer.