Yup, We are Still Talking about Equal Rights

If you haven’t already seen Muffet McGraw’s video on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), get ready to have a fire lit under your ass. Well, unless you’re not into equal rights and supporting women, and then, really, all of this writing probably is not for you.

Until watching this video I was unaware that not all of the states had ratified the ERA. Naive as it may sound I just did not think that would be an issue in the modern world. I guess it is.

The fact that not all of the states have signed off leads me to believe that this is the type of thinking that still has an underlying tone that influences people’s thinking. If states have not signed off on the ERA why should you have to believe it.

It’s this type of thinking that is poisonous. It is this type of thinking that still has men, and really mostly men in positions of power. Listen to McGraw’s stats, they will make your jaw drop.

Here in Canada, things are better, and continuing to get even better but there is still work to be done. For now, we need to stand together as a sisterhood advocating for our fellow Americans. We need the men to support us and take a stand that does not allow this type of thinking to be pervasive. Teach this generation that girls can be anything. Teach these children to not see gender norms, gender divisions, and teach them to support and embrace each other as equals.