The Greatest Coaches of our Lives

You know the people. The ones that work tirelessly. The ones that inspire. The ones that hold athletes accountable. The ones that make you believe that ‘something’ is possible, and then you exceed that ‘something.’

The ones that make you come back for more. The ones that teach you to endure discomfort – mental, physical, and emotional. The ones that teach you the great lessons, even if you don’t know it in the moment.

The ones that tell stories. Stories you remember for ever. Moments you cherish as it was you and that coach sharing a brief moment of time. Stories that you’re not really sure how they relate to you, training or competing, but stories that when you think of them make you smile.

The individuals who change the world. It may not be on a grande scale like we are taught to believe is important. But they change your world, and that is more important.

The individuals who build communities. They can take any group of people from a variety of backgrounds and find a common theme for them to share. A community is born around them that you crave to come to be a part of.

The individuals who teach you the lessons you learn in sport but carry through in life. These people change your life forever for the better.

Those are the good ones. Those are the coaches to celebrate. Those are the people you need to surround yourself with in life.

R.I.P Andy Higgins. You were one of the good ones. xo.