So I’m Going to Run a Marathon

I mean it was going to happen at some point, right?! In 2014 when I sat down with Ross the plan
had always been to run a marathon. Now that time is here, and I couldn’t be more excited to announce it.

While the goal had initially been to have a much more robust track season it just did not come to fruition. I was injured going into the training for the World Half Marathon Championships in Valencia, Esp and was sick coming out. Instead of trying to force a track season we took a step back and let my body heal itself up so I could come back to training strong.

I learned an interesting lesson through this spring. It is one thing to be physically prepared and another to be mentally prepared. When Ross and I decided on Oxy/The USATF Middle Distance Classic – no wait, let me rephrase that – When I told Ross I was running the 5000m at Oxy (!) I felt so strong out on the track. I was crushing workouts, feeling great on off days, but my brain was either not recovered from the winter of training or I just had not done enough mental preparation in advance of the meet. It is a long way to go if you’re not mentally prepared to run a 5000. Ross reaffirmed that I was in great physical condition, the man knows that sometimes I really can be my own worst critic.

That lesson gave me the courage to put it on the line at the Canadian Half Marathon Championships in Calgary. A few days off after Oxy, Ross and I put together a high-level plan that will take me through to my marathon debut. That plan included going into the Half Champs not tapered. The goal was to run gritty, run with tired legs, and try to have a mind over matter race. The heat, the mild altitude, the dryness, and a personal tragedy made for a race of pure heart. Dayna Pidhoresky did a great job at setting a strong pace from the start, and I had a lot of fun letting her go with the goal of trying to reel back in. It was really awesome to walk away with my second national title, my first one for 2018. Most importantly I think the lesson of running on tired legs and a tired brain will help me as I go after my first marathon.

While I really miss the intensity of the 800-1500-5000m training I am really enjoying the long runs. My strength training has shifted a little but I know it is going to be so imperative to maintain my strength so I can be my strongest and fittest at the start line. We have set up a training plan with lots of big days and lots of rest periods, one we think that will play to my strengths and is tailored to my weaknesses.

While I still feel like I have some unfinished business in the 1500 and the 5000 I know it’s not over. This is a change, a change I have been excited for since the day I stepped back on the track back in 2014. There will be good days and there will be less than good days as I prepare for the marathon. I know I’m surrounded by love and support as I venture down this path. And oh my gosh, I’m just so excited for this next part of the adventure.