Roll Mama

This is a blog for my mama, this is a blog for your mama, this blog is for you mama or not-a-mama. It’s mama’s day this week, a day to celebrate our mom’s. Wait, what?! Only one day. Ok, you too can celebrate your mom often like I do, but Hallmark had to make a day of it so I’ll embrace it. 

What makes a great Roll Mama? Well, I’d say a good dose of badassery, not being afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Add some compassion, that lethal mix of loving kindness. A dose of resilience, being willing to admit when you make a mistake but learning from it so you can be even stronger. And showing your daughter, or any young woman for that matter, how to live their lives through these values. 

To all the mom’s that are Roll Mama’s, thanks for carrying that bundle of joy in your belly for, let’s be real here, ten months. Thanks for loving and nurturing us, even when we weren’t at our best, and especially when we were outright mean to you. Your love taught us forgiveness, your strength through that adversity taught us to be empathetic. 

To all the mom’s who aren’t actually mom’s. Just because you do not have kids doesn’t mean you’re not a Roll Mama. You were shaped and influenced by your mama, for better or for worse she helped make you the woman you are today. Even though you may not have kids you’re still an auntie, a great auntie, a godmother, a mentor … you can be all the things for young women to look up to, and no you do not have to have your own kids. 

And to all the mama’s out there that judge us for not wanting kids, that is bad Roll Mama behaviour. We have made our choices for our reasons and we ask that you respect our decision, we will still be a good role model for your daughters. 

To my number one Roll Mama, my mom, thanks for telling me to have the courage to step away from tradition, to step away from a career to chase a different career. Without your love, your support, your ear, your words of encouragement I don’t think I ever would have had the strength to go down this path of professional runner. This sense of adventure, this ability to represent my country, this crazy dream of chasing times, I can do it because of the strength that you gave me. Love you.