Happy Canada D’eh!

Ok, this is late, but hey I was outside enjoying ‘the true north strong and free!’ It was the sesquicentennial, a fancy word for the 150th anniversary, here in Canada on July 1st; 2017 marks 150 years since Canada confederated … so they say!

As I was running I got to thinking about the things that make me smile as a Canadian:

1. We are generally a really friendly group of people. We are happy to lend a hand, happy to share, and just generally positive people.

2. We say sorry. We say sorry a lot. Sorry, (not sorry)!

3. We have great beer! And we like to drink it. Usually out in the wilderness, whether that be camping, cottaging, or just escaping big, city life.

4. We drink good coffee. Sorry but to me Tim Horton‘s is not good coffee, but it is a Canadian hallmark, I just think there is better stuff out there. Across the major city centres I have been blown away by all the great coffee I can get my hands on. Plus, Kicking Horse Coffee, if you don’t know it now and you love coffee, go learn more about it; it’s about to get huge.

5. The Tour De France celebrates Canada and always starts on her birthday! Ok, perhaps not exactly true. If you love cycling, like I do, then you get to celebrate on Canada Day with the start of the Tour. Too bad there are no Canadians in the Tour this year.

6. We have pretty much every season and all sorts of nature within the borders of this large land. Pretty much at anytime of the year you can find rain, hail, sleet, snow, sunshine and blue skies. We have everything from the rockies, to the prairies, more mountains to the east and a whole lot of coastline that is rugged and sandy.

7. Hockey. We love us some good hockey.

8. We are a giant food basket. From the wheat in the prairies. Apples across the country. Potatoes in PEI. Berries. Everything and anything in Ontario – peaches, corn, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. – we have some serious yumminess.

9. We have the most freshwater of any country in the world. And we sure know how to play on it!

10. Eh?! For some reason we have adopted this as we ask a question. Who knows why we do this, eh?