The (Un)official Rules for Road Tripping

There is nothing better than packing your bags and heading out with some of your best friends and training partners to adventure across the planet. We also have to recognize that we runners are also unique, we have our quirks, but we all do need to live together. After a few road trips this year, here are some recommendations. And hey guys, thinking of moving in with a female runner, take note.

1. Bathroom – We gals poop a lot. #1) Introduce yourself to Poopourri, the before you go toilet spray. Yeah ok, you know someone has pooped, but at least it smells better than sh*t! #2) Prepare  to go through a lot of toilet paper. And if you’re sharing with girls, make sure you leave a square. If you kill the TP, make sure you leave another roll (or some other form of paper product) for the next thrown dweller.

2. Joey Doesn’t Share Food – Remember that Friends episode? Take it to heart. It just never goes well when you try to share groceries with more than two people; someone always feel cheated out of food. You also know what you bought at the grocery store; don’t eat someone else’s food!

We did shared dinners, where each person was responsible for making one dinner. It was a really effective way to share the cooking and we got to try different flavours that people made. Plus, you get to learn some new flavour creations.

3. Respect Sleep Spaces – We all know how I feel about phones in the bedroom, yeah just don’t do it! If you’re sharing a bedroom with someone, especially if you’re sharing a bed with someone, make sure you respect their sleep space. Leave the screens and lights off if you’re roomie is asleep, use another bathroom in the house if possible, and grab some extra blankets if you can.

If you’re the person that goes to bed early, just be honest about it. Make it easy for the person to sneak into the bedroom later and go to bed. Let them know you’re going to bed so they get themselves organized later for a sneaky slip in.

4. Be prepared to watch some ridiculous TV – For some reason I totally get sucked into television on race days; normally I do not ever watch TV unless it’s for sports. Add in some young kids on my travels and, oh my, have I watched some hilarious shows (i.e. New Girl). After a hard workout, it’s great to lounge around with your teammates to celebrate your hard work and recover as a group.

5. Your last slave died of boredom – When I was a kid my dad used to ask me ‘what did your last slave die of?’ Basically it was his reminder to me that I had to clean up my own mess.

You may have different rules at home, but when you are travelling with a bunch of people it’s really important to clean up right after you make a mess. There is usually limited space and limited cooking tools so keeping the kitchen clean goes a long way to keeping the peace.

6. Make sure you have a space where everyone can have some space – It’s great to get together as a group, but make sure you rent a space where everyone can have a plane to escape each other. In Portland, we had this awesome kitchen-office-family room area with three upstairs bedrooms. It gave us just what we needed to be together but to also be apart. It can also work if you’re in a trendy area with restaurants, coffee shops, libraries and other places to escape to.

7. Laugh, and laugh a lot – Life is about having fun. It’s about going on an adventure. If something insignificant goes wrong you can usually go one of two ways; one get really angry or two laugh it off. Life is so much easier when you laugh it off.

When you’re with a great group of people fun and funny stuff is going to happen. Embrace it. Love the group your with. And laugh with your belly.