The Power of Yes!

Ever notice how strong the positivity bias can be when you open yourself up to it; the idea of challenging yourself to say yes to something instead of no, to see the brighter side of things, to not give into the negative thoughts and emotions. Often our lives are dominated by the negativity bias; research says that we primarily live in the negativity bias, you know those unpleasant thoughts, emotions, or social interactions.

This blog is inspired by a handful of things that happened this week, things that make me chase the positivity. It started with an amazing email from KMet and Feather Stephens of the Oiselle Nest. It was a story how the power of yes created a company from saying “Can we design a pair of non-poofy running shorts for women? Yes!” And this amazing brand, Oiselle, was born. Thank you Sally for challenging the conventions of women’s running clothing. I smile every time I put my Oiselle gear on to train, I feel so strong, so powerful, and so pretty in all their clothes.

Those emails, the ones that make you believe in yourself, the ones that make you want to stand up and say, ‘yes I can,’ make sure you keep an email folder where you can go back and look at them when you’re having one of those tougher moments in life.

Principles of Flight
Oiselle also has this amazing Manifesto, something they ask all us Volée’s to livenecklace and train by. I have this incredible necklace that I bought from Stephanie Olfason; it is a replica of the Oiselle bird on a simple chain with some Swarovski crystal beads in one of my favourite blues. When I wear this necklace I feel like I have the strength and power of  the entire Oiselle sisterhood with me. I feel strong, I feel like I want to be my best version of myself. This necklace inspires me to run hard, to train smart, and to challenge myself the best version of myself everyday.

The necklace reminds me to embody the Principles of Flight, to live and breathe the Oiselle Manifesto. I thank the Nest for dreaming up a manifesto that helps me see the positivity bias and makes me a better person everyday.

Finding Happiness in a Dark Place
I’m going to call my friend, BL, to keep his anonymity. I smile every time I think of BL, and when I tell this story please remember all of this comes from the power of yes, from good intentions, and from loving how resilient my friend is.

This winter BL was diagnosed with cancer of the knee. Yes, you can actually have cancer target a joint. It is rare. It is not easy to diagnose. But unfortunately my friend BL was diagnosed with cancer of the knee and his only solution was a leg amputation.

It’s tragic. It’s unfair. It’s made more upsetting because BL is one of these people who lusts after adventure in life. He is active. From cycling to alpine skiing, running, you name it he has probably done it. I met BL back in my alpine ski coaching days and was fortunate to get to know his family.

Here is where the story of BL makes me smile. This has been absolute tragedy for the family. They have surrounded him with positive energy, been there for him, but it is gutting. BL has not once been negative, he is endeavouring through this life trial with all the zest and love he had before. Things will be different, things will be challenging, but his resilience, his absolute will to never give up make me smile. It is his power of yes that is helping him heal, to move forward, to forgive whatever master plan took away his leg, and to figure out how to love life again.

How do you make the Power of Yes Work for you
You need to identify what matters to you, what gets you out of bed every morning and make you want to attack your day. (Ok, attack is a little strong but you know what I mean!)

Start by choosing the positivity bias over the negativity bias. When the negative thoughts creep in your head turn them into positive thoughts. You can always learn from whatever challenge is thrown your way. Write down that negative thought, that fear, work through it, and find something positive to come out of it.

Say yes to the things that matter to you. Believe that you can do whatever it is you want to do, you can become whomever you want to be. Sometimes saying yes to something means saying no to something else, or maybe it’s a ‘just not right now.’ You will be a much happier, satisfied person if you don’t overwhelm yourself.