The Year that was 2015

Happy New Year. It’s that time of year when you look back on what happened the previous year. It’s a time to celebrate. It’s a time to learn. For me, it’s time to reflect.

Trust your heart (1)Last January I wrote a post about setting goals instead of resolutions. I accused resolutions of being empty and hollow; resolutions don’t often come with a plan. And without a plan the chances of success are lowered.

I committed myself to goals in 2015, goals in areas of athletics, academics, and life. So how did I do?

I said I wanted to finish my comprehensive exam by the end of Q2. The comprehensive exam is a 5 day take home exam where you research the 4 questions provided to you by your supervisor team. Then a few days later you do a 3 hour oral exam where they poke holes in your answers. Sounds like fun, eh? I have not completed my comprehensive. But, I have learned you do not need to complete your comprehensive to move forward with your research.

To set a research scope by the end of August 2015. Check. Really excited to share my research on engineering education.

Sub 2:40 in the 1k. Check. Sub 4:08 in the 1500m. Check. Sub 15:35 in the IMG_69985000m. No. I only ran one 5000m race on the track last year and wow was that a learning experience. While I did not achieve this goal I know it is in my realm with a little more practice and patience.

To get as close to 2:00 in the 800. I ran a 2:02.90 at the Victoria track classic. My 2014 PB was 2:08.79. That’s a great improvement.

Increased mileage. While I didn’t hit 30k consecutively I had a handful of workout days that were over 30km total. And overall if I look at my mileage from January to December it has consistently increased.

To read 35+ books this year. Check. (Will post my list when I get home from Florida). Best Read of 2015? Mind Gym by Gary Mack for my sports brain and The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls for everything else.

To stay true to my values, kindness, hard work, integrity. Check. After the drug accusations in March I held my head high. It took an enormous amount of integrity to respond in an objective manner. To be more patient. Well, I’m getting there. I can say I did a better job in 2015 than 2014, but there is always room for improvement.

To post on my blog twice a week. Did not make this goal. But I think the content was better in 2015 and my number of posts was up. I’m open to hearing if people want different posts in 2016 and if you want to see me posting more or less.

What did I learn?
First and foremost I learned that it is so important to reflect. I learned this lesson to late in the year, but I will carry it with me forever now. It is so important not just to reflect upon your results, not just to find the positive aspects, but to see how a race, an event, everything fits into the bigger picture. And, yes, sometimes it is ok to say it is an anomaly and doesn’t belong.

I learned that you really can do and be anything you want to be. You have to sasha instagram 3work hard, you have to set a target, and you usually go through some growing pains trying to get there.

I learned that love is one of the most important values you should carry with you. You have to love yourself as a start. Then it really helps having someone who is a champion in your corner no matter what you want to try to accomplish; thank you Rol for being my #1. And that when you love what you do and who your with the journey is so much greater.

I am sitting down with my Believe Training Journal (pool side) to write down my 2016 goals. I need to think upon my reflections before I move forward. I am so excited for 2016; work hard, play harder, love life, and be a better version of yourself everyday.

Thanks to everyone for sharing my year with me. From CIS Indoor Track and Field Champs, to the Pan Am Games, to Nationals X-Country Champs and my final race of the year, my half-marathon…what a year it’s been. My #womanup2016 goals will be posted shortly, because as I said in 2015, it’s important to share your goals.

Head up, wings out lets head on the journey of 2016 together.

Special thanks to Oiselle for making a bird this year. I feel so blessed to be part of such an awesome team of woman from coast to coast. Thank you to Skechers Performance Canada for keeping my feet, shins and body healthy with your amazing shoes. As Rol said the other day, ‘These shoes are magical.’ Solo, CLIF, and Ultima thanks for all the engineered snacks along they!