Daddy’s Little Girl

Yes, I missed, Father’s Day for posting this. It’s not because I wasn’t thinking about my dad, actually I was spending time with him and getting ready for a race. But I did want to share with the world just how important my dad has been along my journey, as an at1170934_10151507079071533_1444188436_nhlete and everything else.

I will admit that I am a complete ‘Daddy’s Little Girl.’ Whether it is good news or bad news he is one of the first people I want to call. My relationship with my dad has grown past the parent-child phase and he is one of my best friends; and yes I’ve very fortunate because I said that about my mom back on mother’s day.

These two awesome parents have supported me along the way. Like many first-born children I have a lot of the same characteristics as my dad. I tell ‘Dad’ jokes. I like my alone time; actually he and I can do alone time together reading in the backyard or up at the cottage, no talking just reading and thinking! I like watching golf. I like sleeping and can nap almost anywhere, especially if my legs are hanging over the edge of the couch. I inherited some pretty awesome qualities from my dad.

I wanted to follow in my dad’s footsteps and become an engineer. Before188923_4525636532_4623_n my dad went to medical school and become a surgeon he went to the University of Toronto for engineering. Like most engineers he is a blend of creativity and a math/science brain. And I guess I am too! Trust me there was something so uniquely satisfying and a moment of gratitude when he put that little iron ring on my finger.

My love for alpine skiing comes from my dad. We grew up as a ski family. Before my parents built the ski chalet we would pile into the family car and drive to Mansfield. Long before that my dad had actually taught me to slide around in our backyard. I have this tangible memory of my parents skiing in Vail, I am on the chairlift with my little brother and my dad is just ripping through the powder and loving every second of it. And when you are all skiing on Lower Franz’s at Whistler be sure to thank my dad, because he helped remove the trees and carve out that run.

I think I would have been a pretty good surgeon. I get pretty grossed out by blood but I probably would have found a way to get over that. Watching my dad in action and listening to his stories I am always inspired and impressed by what he can do. My dad has brought a lot of life back to those young and old alike. He is very gifted with his hands and has done some amazing work in the world of hips and knees.

IMG_4018And how could I forget my love for sports cars. When I was growing up my dad had this amazing black-on-black Porsche Carrera Targa convertible. I believe it was the 1980 model. He and I love the thrill not of driving fast in a straight line, but the corners. Oh, and the sound of that, Porsche engine… it’s just so throaty and classic. When I went to purchase my car last spring it was my dad that I wanted with me for the test drive! And one day, I really hope to have that same 1980 black-on-black Carrera Targa Convertible in my driveway to cruise around with my dad.

My dad has always been there for me. He’s been at some many races. He was the one who did the majority of the early mornings when we used to drive to and from the ski club. He was the most amazing gate-keeper, standing on the side of the hill, freezing in those horrible plastic boots.

My dad is awesome. He’s well spoken. He’s kind. He’s an incredible doctor. And it has been so amazing to grow up looking up to him. Daddio I love you so much and I’m so excited about all the things we still have yet to do.