Mt. SAC to Carlsbad: California Dreamin’ Week 2

Another week has gone by and it has been an amazing adventure. Celia and I IMG_5945have named the rental car, Gary, and driven almost 1000 miles (mostly on the coast!), we have gone on some amazing runs, I had a chance to do some riding here, and of course we’ve pushed through some tough workouts!

Baldwin–>LAX–>Chula Vista
After the Long-Beach 800 it was time to pack up and get ready to be on the move. Neatly organized we were very fortunate to have Head Coach, Carl, drive us back to LAX area to pick up our rental car at America Car Rental. I had tried to convince the company to let us pick it up on the Saturday but I had no such luck.

While we got a rIMG_6056eally great deal on the car I cannot say it was the smoothest process to pick up the car. Instead of using the shuttle the employees had used the car we were renting to take previous customers to the airport! After all was sorted we packed up the Nissan and headed south toward Chula Vista.

Chula Vista is a suburb south of San Diego. From our AirBnB we could see the US-Mexico border lit up at night. Think Walking Dead meets Divergent or Hunger Games; so ominous but also made you curious as to what was on the other side. But Celia and I agreed, no crossing into Mexico!

Training for the next few days was at the Olympic Training Centre. Thanks to IMG_5950Coach Bob for making the arrangements to train there. It was quite the track! You could warm up and cool down along these amazing trails around the lake. The track was elevated so you could see the lake situated amongst the mountains. Pretty awesome but also really windy! While it made for some challenging workouts with the wind, I still manage to hit the time I was looking for in my intervals.

IMG_6061My foot took an unfortunate turn for the worse during the second workout and really started to ache. While frustrating I knew it was the right decision to stop running before things got any worse. I made it through 5/6th’s of the workout and hoped on the bike for a cool down. As the woman at the physio place said, I had really ‘pissed it off.’ Some massage and a contrast tub later we were in the car again.

We were headed up to Carlsbad after the Wednesday workout and I knew the family we were staying with had an extra road bike I could use.  I packed my MGCC kit with me, because the riding in California is said to be amazing.

Chula Vista –> Carlsbad
Carlsbad is a town located just south of Oceanside. I think I would call this area  home to Strava-Mania. We drove up the I5 to stay with the MacDonald family; a family originally from the GTA who had moved down to California for work. Their home was located about 1.5 miles from the beach, but perched on a hill so you could see the ocean from the driveway.

It was so great to be staying with a family. I miss the chaos back home with the kids I live with. I miss the little voices. And I miss hearing about the new adventures kids go through. I miss the curiosity of being young.

My sprint teammates were staying not too far away and were competing at the UCSD Triton meet on the Saturday. One of my distance teammates, Honor, stayed longer to race the 800. We runners stick together and Celia and I headed over to watch Honor race. Unfortunately there was a bug going around the house and Honor was a little under the weather. I put my coaching hat on to help her out with her race. She had an awesome 600m split and with about 60m to go her flu really caught up with her. Big things are to come for Honor this season; while it was not the ideal result there still were so many positives to take away from the race.

After Honor’s race we headed up to Cal State to do a workout. California’s been in a drought for the last while; we have all heard about the almond crisis. I guess the Canadian’s brought some real Canadian weather; it felt like Halifax descended upon the track as we started our warm up. We arrived home frozen to a heated hot tub and towels in the dryer! #saved!

The Sunday before we packed up to head to LA I was led on one of the best rides I’ve IMG_6093ever been on. James took me through Rancho Santa Fe. We hardly saw any cars or bikes and we toured some very hilly neighbourhoods. Arizona used to be my favourite place to go ride for training camp but I think I’ve found a new favourite; froIMG_6094m the coast and inland to the mountains you can do everything and anything. Plus the coffee and baked goods were some of the best I’ve ever had.

LA is the next stop and from there we do the inland drive to Palo Alto for Payton Jordan!