Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Last week I was so excited to head to NYC to compete at the Armory. It is a part of track and field history and I had the opportunity to run on it! It was going to be a dream come true.

Instead I got on a plane and spent most of my time in NYC in my hotel room, I got so sick. In retrospect I am so glad I didn’t run, just like injuries you have to respect your body. Sure I could have run, I probably would have felt terrible, I definitely would have put myself in a deficit, putting me further behind in training, and I definitely would not have run the time I wanted.

Respect your body, injury and sickness alike, and let yourself heal.

While this meet was important it was not the end goal. If this had been a championship meet I definitely would have employed some coping mechanisms and pushed through. But it wasn’t and I let myself get better.

Celebrate Other People’s Success

While I was not feeling well, my teammates were on fire. My fellow speed demons had an awesome 1k race on the Friday night. Gabriela shattered the Armory Record! Maddie and Honor made the CIS auto-standard as well. And everyone ran a PB.

And I can’t thank them enough for all they did to try to help me. Fingers crossed I don’t give them my stomach woes (we all had some good giggles as I struggled on some subway rides).

So while my New York Armory dreams were dashed, I’m not broken. My teammates ran incredibly well and I am so inspired and proud of them. I will be back, stronger and faster, and compete again. I did have this irrational fear that my speed right now is kind of like a super power; and I guess it is. I give gratitude and thanks for my ability to run fast and you can bet I’ll be training hard to get even faster.

Remember training hard sometimes equals resting hard!