Sometimes You Just Need to Brag

Sometimes you just need to brag! Ok maybe that’s too self serving but you should celebrate your success.

S and G 1500m finishThis weekend was my return to Varsity Indoor Track and Field. It was a successful return to say the least!

On Friday morning, after my last lecture for the week I headed down to Union Station to catch a train to Windsor, ON. Friday night was the opening for Can Am’s and I was entered in the 4x800m relay along with 7 teammates of mine.

To ensure a com800m startpetitive race we paired off with a teammate whose personal best was closest to our own. I was to anchor and square off against Gabriela Stafford. My team was just a few seconds behind as Kelly passed the baton off to me. G was out in the lead and just in front of me was Kaitlin Ayers from the University of Guelph. We were told if there was a big gap to close it slowly, short gaps should be  closed immediately.

And that’s what I tried to do. I quickly closed in on Kaitlin and tried through the remaining laps to catch G. While I was just short in catching G, I did set a U of T record for the fastest leg clocking a 2:06.4 800m. Our team was second, both teams were under CIS Standard, and both teams were under the meet record time!

The plan for Saturday was to run the 1000m and see how I felt; if I felt ok I was going to attempt to double and run the 1500m as well.1000

The 1000m was slated for 1pm. As I stood on the start line for the 1k I couldn’t help but think ‘OMG, what am I doing here? I have no idea how to run from a box.’ When the gun went off my legs took over. It was a painful effort, my left (inside) leg was pretty sore from the pounding in the 800m the night before. ‘Just relax’ I told myself, my goal was to finish strong. Not only did I finish strong (my last lap was my fastest) but I broke the meet record on a solo 2:45.07 effort!

G and S 1500 ~1000mThe 1500m was only 1 hour and 45 mins away. Running the 1k actually made me feel better. Catching with my coach the goal was tempo effort and try and auto-qualify for Canadian University championships; no going lactic in this effort. The plan was to split 2:20 for 800 and either hold that pace or slow down depending on how my legs felt (2:20 brings you through 1500m in 4:22.50). G was with the rabbit and they were supposed to be 2:18 through 800, so naturally I was to be a few steps behind. I split the 800m perfectly  and finished in 4:22.38! G and I were both under the record, but she beat me 0.02 so her name will stand for the record.

It was an amazingly successful weekend. U of T broke all three meet records for the events I was in and I have auto-qualified for CI’s in my first two individual events.

Of course there is always room for improvement. As I grow as an athlete I want to get better at reflection, so I can always get better. In my 800 I really feel like I gave up in my last lap; the words ‘I can’t’ went through my head. Those words should never go through your head as an athlete. The next day my goal was to make sure I fought hard at the end and my last lap was to be my fastest.

Successes or failures alike, it is important you take the time and learn from both. In failures you will find mini successes, and stepping stones to makes these failures successes in the future. With successes find the room for improvement; while it may be a success you can always challenge yourself to do better.