Injuries are a Two-Staged Process

I do not have any scientific background on this, but unfortunately I have had a wealth of experience with injuries as a middle distance runner. Over the years I’ve had everything from sore shins, to toes, to ankles, ribs, my back and shoulders (why do we love running so much!?). But the one thing I have learned throughout the process is that an injury hasn’t gone away just because it stops hurting.

My most recent injury was a sprained ankle, unlike many of my previous over use injuries, this was an acute injury I suffered on a recovery run. Maybe it’s all the experience I’ve had with injuries, or maybe because this was my first acute injury, but I took a different direction on my healing and recovery plan.

One of the things I’m moving forward with is giving my injury as much care and attention as I did when it was still ‘bothering’ me.

Again, I don’t have any scientific acumen on injuries, but don’t we owe it to our bodies to treat the injury with as much love and attention just after it stops hurting? If I think back to many of my injuries, although I took things slow in terms of the build up back to running, I never gave any more attention to the affected area.

With my recent ankle injury I’ve ‘listened’ to what my ankle had to say when I started running again. When it showed some signs of being sore and a little swollen, I iced it and put my Voltaren+Trameel Combo on it. More importantly before I started that next run or workout I made sure the ankle was ready to go again. When it was stiff I made sure to do my ABC’s. And when it felt good I pushed it!

Maybe one of the cures to injury rehabilitation is post-habilitation (post-hab)? We talk about prehabilitation (pre-hab), making sure we are strong in all the right places for our various sports. But after an injury makes sure you spend just as much time in the post-hab as you did in the rehab phase. I think there might be something in there that keeps the injury away!