EuroRace Adventure – Update #3: Reflection

It’s been just over two weeks since I landed back here in Toronto. It has given me just enough time to reflect upon how awesome my experience in Europe was without losing the important details. I also have been really suffering from jet lag and I am up most mornings around 4; so you can only guess how early I’m falling asleep!

Racing in Europe was definitely once of the coolest things that I’ve done (I do not really care how juvenile it sounds to say ‘cool’). It is amazing that you can go to a casual twilight meet, that not only is a sponsored event, but one where there are so many people competing. 4 heats of a women’s 1500 with approximately 15+ people in each heat!

Not only was the competition amazing, so was the atmosphere. People want to work together to get faster. Share in your training partner’s success, it can only help to make you faster too.

Gent – Flanders Cup

The last race I did was the mile in Gent. I was supposed to be entered in the3000m but I made the last minute change after my toe and foot just wouldn’t settle down after Heusden.


I’d never actually raced a mile before Gent so at least I knew I was in for a personal best!

10549105_10204101125066105_1302980943922115728_oIt wasn’t anything spectacular. Unfortunately the rabbits that were supposed to go out in 2:14-2:15 pace went out in 2:18 pace, and only made it to about 450m! And it was a windy evening.

Thinking there was only 1 rabbit I tucked behind what was the person who might lead. Unfortunately I ended up leading about 1000m of the race. No regrets! I had a blast racing. I was third in the end, out kicked by 2 talented 800m runners. Nothing a season of working on my strength and speed can’t fix!

Looking back on Track Season 2014

If you had asked me in March if I would have been at Nationals or Europe racing the 1500m I would have said no way. Today I’m ranked 4th in the country with a time of 4:13.47 (from my race in Kortrijk).

I learned a lot this season, but more than anything I had so much fun. I love running. I love training. I love all my friends down at the track. I love staying fit and healthy. I love being a part of something that inspires others to want to compete.

Me  in the $x4I’m not sure where my running might go. I’m not sure I will get faster. But you can bet that I’m going to try! I’ve set some lofty goals. Why not? The worst that happens is that I have a lot of fun along the way, meet some amazing new people, and continue to work hard and play hard.

So here we go. Last night was my first workout back at one of my favourite training places. It was a long mileage workout. It was a little lonely without my usual crew but I still smiled all the way through.