Track and Roll

Thanks to Gillian Tweedie at Lululemon for putting together one of the best track and field meets in Toronto, Track and Roll; as founder of the event and a track athlete, she had a vision to bring together a really amazing event. A beautiful summer evening, lots of fans, lots of competitors, and some really fun running races.

I took the opportunity to participate in the mile, and with the help of my training partner, Gillian Tweedie, who is also a manager of a Lululemon store, put together a 4x400m relay team.

photo-2Track and Roll is right at the end of the track season so the mile was just a fun, bonus race. It was a chance to get out and stretch my legs on the track. It was a really fun mile, with my former high school training partner, Lauren King runner her first mile after the birth of her first child. I chased Lauren for years around the track and was always inspired by her strength and grace on the track. It was absolutely awesome to run with her again on the track 14 years later.

10556945_10100245082545636_2716281377429923406_oAlso on the track in the mile was Emily Cohen. Emily is a former athlete of mine, from alpine skiing! Watch out for Emily! In grade 10, this young lady has already left her mark in the 800m and 1500m races. Emily is so biomechanically strong, plus she has the longest stride given her height!

And my friend Kate was also in the race. Kate Gustafson is newer to the track. It has been great to watch her bring her times down and fall in love with track. Last night was just like racing in Europe again, but this time with more of my friends!

The 4x400m was more of a challenge. We were trying to put together two teams comprised of the University of Toronto Varsity Distance Group. Between injuries, vacations and a few people at World Championships we were scrambling a little to put together some teams. I am grateful to Maggie and Ese of the Varsity Sprint group for coming out to run with us, plus another one of my awesome training partners, Honor.

Magg10553711_10100245082146436_7539690327904810672_oie, Ese, Honor and I had an amazing time running the 4×400 together. Our goal was to get enough  of a lead to let Maggie, our anchor, run relaxed as she had the 100m finals about an hour after our race.

It was a hugely successful and fun night. I won the mile and my 4×400 team also finished first. Maggie then went on to finish 3rd in the 100.

I also want to thank CLIF Bar and their team. I have recently got to know Becky, the new experiential marketing representative for CLIF Bar Company in Eastern Canada, and she and her team are absolutely outstanding. They were on hand to help keep all us runners fueled on Saturday. And she goes above and beyond to make sure I am fueled for my own workouts.

Thanks again Lululemon for the event. Can’t wait for 2015!

More pictures of the event can be found on the Lululemon Cumberland Track and Roll Facebook photo album.