#BumNation Bum Run 2014

The Bum Run is a great little run in support of Colon Cancer Research that takes place in downtown TO. The race was moved from August to April since people complained about the heat. Heat was not an issue this April, staying warm was the problem!

I was encouraged to do this run by my favourite training partner, Gillian Tweedie. The Lululemon stores of Toronto come together to help support the cause, they each submit a team and they donate a lot of really cool clothing to the event. Ian Bookman, a Gasteroenterologist out of St. Joes in Toronto, has been race director since the inaugural year in 2012, and does an amazing job with the event. Thanks Ian!

Getting to warm up and race with Gillian and her friends was amazing. It was a magical start to a Sunday. I ran a solid time for early in the season and was super pumped when Gillian finished right behind me. #TeamGollian. We figure a ‘Gollian’ is some sort of mythical animal, one with long legs that can run fast!

I highly recommend the Bum Run for anyone looking to do a fast 5k. My Garmin and Strava said it was just over 5k (~5.2km) but you cannot beat the location and the lack of hills! Starting at Queens park early at 8am you have the Toronto streets to yourself; it’s pretty amazing how different Toronto feels without all vehicular traffic zooming around you.

Full Results can be found here.