A little running, a little riding and lots of delicious coffee

Of course I’m doing things the ‘sasha’ way.

Team ride at 8:30am? Anyone want to meet at 8 instead?

Team meeting at 5? Ok it’s 4:15 I have time to get in a pre-run of the run race course, shower and get there on time. On time means 5:15, right?

Good think I have a few teammates on the same schedule! They are also on the coffee schedule and have been with a place Stanislas for coffee everyday.

Count down to the race is on. I’ve finished all my pre-race workouts. It’s a day of rest today and my usual pre-race routine tomorrow. I have my race kit, uniform and I’ve settled on all the extra layers I’ll need on race day. My toes are red and white. I’ve ridden the bike course, I’ve run the run course. I’ve done what I can in preparation. WWES?* ‘Give it everything you have – No excuses!’ Ok time to put it on the line and give it all I got! Thanks everyone for the love and support on the way – I know I’m a royal pain in the a$s sometimes!

*WWES~What Would Ed Say?