How Many People Does it take to put a bike together?

Training over the last few days has been great. I’ve met more and more of my teammates and I’ve had an opportunity to explore Nancy.

My first day here I was in a bit of daze, 14hours of travel, not a ton of sleep. I squeezed in that ‘shake-out’ run and then slept for over 12hours! (Warning for all that travel with me: I need a lot of sleep!).

After a lazy Tuesday morning filled with delicious French coffee I headed over to the park that will host the run portion of the race. Did a quick little Ristuccia-special workout, some 400s to get my tuned up for the race. I wanted to do an easy ride in the afternoon, which meant figuring out how to put my bike back together.

As a cycling newbie putting a bike together did not seem like it would be too tough, unless you have a cervelo P3! That rear wheel gave me a lot of trouble. Thanks to Mark and Heather, fellow competitors from Seattle who helped with that pesky rear wheel, I was on my way for an easy spin.

Toronto, if you think cycling in the city is frightening you ain’t seen nothin’! My ride was shortened due to fearing my life in the hands of the French drivers, but it was good to get out on the new bike (thank you DB).