The Eagle has Landed…

I made it.

16hours of travel, a plane, a train and a bus and I have arrived in Nancy, France after over coming a few hurdles along the travel route and in the past few weeks.

Nancy is a small city south-east of Paris. It is doted with beautiful, old architecture surrounded by a river (had a great shake-out run along the water when I arrived). It’s full of delicious patisseries and coffee; the goal is not to gain too much weight from all the deliciousness that surrounds me before the race.

Keeping with ‘traditional-sashaness’ I decided to try to do too much at once. I thought it would be a great idea to do the Centurion C25 and Timex Vertical Challenge the day before heading out. That meant packing my bikes before I left for Centurion and finding another bike to race Centurion on. That was further complicated when I brought my bike to Gears to be packed and they told me my Orbea TT was sick. Thanks to David Byer and Cervelo I have an awesome P3 with me!

More updates to come as the week before worlds unfolds.

Thanks to everyone for helping me get here.