The Ol Ball n’ Chain

Picture it … Chick. Likes to nag. Leaves you a ‘honey-do’ list. Calls to remind you what she wants done first. Then sends you a text message to remind you again. Totally slows down your weekend. That’s what I’ve been referring to my injured leg as. (Note: I’m so NOT that girl; I’m the self-sufficient princess!).

On May 19th I was involved in a cycling-car (cab) accident. I was struck on my left side and ate the pavement. It could have been worse than it is but I’m having a really tough time with running, but more so with riding.

My right side ribs must have hit the pavement or been really stretched out as I fell. They have been super achy and have limited my ability to go really fast. But the ball and chain, that’s my left leg. It gets really ‘cranky;’ first it gets tired, then it gets achy, then it shuts down. I’ve found it to be more of a mental hurdle than anything. Ok I trained all winter for a great track, cycling and du season and I feel like I’m losing it. But really I have to remind myself that I run/ride for cookies! I’m not a pro, I do this for fun.

I am trying to be positive. The rest of my body does not really fatigue as I try and push through this injury. I’ve modified my workouts so I do not have to miss them completely. And I try to be understanding when I am off on my times at the track or I slow down on a hill while riding. My heart rate stays pretty low despite the exertion. And I finish workouts and do not have that completely devastated feeling (although it really is a great feeling knowing you’ve totally exhausted your resources!)

The frustrations will continue. I think about the Tri video ‘Sh*t Triathletes Never Say,’ the line ‘I knew that injury was all my fault’…. ok, really, this one wasn’t my fault. For me I think that’s been the greatest of frustrations. I have endured my fair share of self-inflicted injuries, but this one wins for frustration.