Paris To Ancaster

Paris to Ancaster. P2A. 60km of gravel, paved and dirt roads, rail trail and singletrack. A few weeks of sunshine, blue skies and dry weather before race day, which meant it was going to rain on race day. And did it ever. Weather in Paris, Ontario at 10am: 12 deg C, Winds at 7kmh from the south and rain! It made for some interesting conditions!

When I started out in the race my legs were asking me to please go easy. I’ve had an amazing two weeks of training. Awesome, and unexpectedly, fast track workouts. Some great rides too. By about 45k my legs were pretty fried. Between battling the soupy mud (I ran with my bike a lot yesterday, I have a bruise on my shoulder to prove it!) and the ‘tiredness’ in my legs I knew at some point I might ‘bonk’ (It was not helped much by the fact that you couldn’t really eat on the ride; even on the gravel roads you had to pay attention. And how much mud was I expected to eat!). I have not ‘hit the wall’ like that in years; it was a a struggle to keep going but playing in the mud made it all the worthwhile.

I was ok with taking it ‘easier’ yesterday. I was a little disappointed in my result, but for a new rider who really has never done any XC riding, I was pleased that I finished when I did.  My goal yesterday was to have fun. Goal met with great success!!

Downside to the day, unfortunately I lost my pink Oakley Flak Jackets today :(. Mega bummer since apparently they do not make that colour anymore, baby blue seems to be the closest I can get. I guess it also justifies me looking to buy a pair of jawbones! I’m thinking red and white to go with my MGCC kit and my Canada team kit for World’s in September. Always an excuse to go shopping!

Thanks again to MGCC! Especially to my carpool buddies (RM, SH and AC). I provided some great entertainment when I couldn’t find my pants. Too bad no one got a picture of me walking around in my MGCC jacket and a towel! Thanks to CLIF again for the yummy on road goodies I ate, all of them with a side of mud and sand.

Would I do P2A again? I came home scratched, bumped and bruised, coated in mud and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

(Results can be found here)