Good Friday Road Race: OCup #1

Friday was my initiation to the Ontario Road Racing Circuit. At 6:30 I loaded into the car and headed out to the Flamborough Speedway for the Road OCup #1, the Good Friday Road Race. It was cold, sunny and looked like a promising day. I’m new to all of this and raced with all the other newbies early in the morning, you know when you’re still sleeping!

Overall it was an … experience. I’m neutral, not going to say good or bad about it.

I would compare a cycle race to a 1500. In the May edition of Runner’s World Canadian Shiela Reid said ‘The 1500 is exiting. Every girl thinks she has the best kick; it comes down to the last 200.” The bike race was a bit ‘same same but different.’ Same same: it came down to the last 200m. Different: It was 55km until that point! And I felt at times the goal of some of the girls was to take other racers out, some what like roller derby or chinese downhill on bikes.

‘Bumping’ is a part of road racing. But when my other teammates called the race cagey at least I know I’m not been dramatic. (Ok, how about not too dramatic!?) I am not sure road racing is going to be for me, which actually may have more to do with my current race schedule. I still love running on the track and plan to do some more tris and dus this summer. I’d also like to get on a time trial (TT) bike and give a TT race a try. Having said that it is fun to race as part of a team, something I will only be able to do on the road racing circuit.

Best part of the race, those that podium’d received a chocolate Easter bunny. Can’t really beat winning chocolate!

I still have lots to learn on my bike. I’m getting much better at ‘holding my line’ from all my awesome, early AM rides with Morning Glory. I have to figure out the fuel thing; I was super hungry by the middle of the second loop. I have to figure out how to warm up (although the race felt super short and I felt the need to do another workout when I got home). But no matter what all of this is helping me to get stronger on my bike for World Duathlon Championships in September.

Thanks to my Morning Glory teammates (RM, MF, SF and BB) in the race; way more fun to ride with friends than alone. Thanks to CLIF Bar for the delicious race treats (pre-race mini Lemon Zest Luna, Mountain Berry Shot Bloks and a Vanilla Shot). Thanks to Flying Wheels for the pre-race tune up. And most importantly thanks to VP for getting up and driving with me, and putting up with all my craziness that day!