Early Season Long Rides

My ski season ended abruptly. Summer descended upon Southern Ontario for about two weeks. Days on end we saw record highs, temperatures reaching the low to mid 20’s(C) (around the 70F mark). While the snow did not like it road riders, runners and outdoor enthusiasts rejoiced.

The mini summer got me out riding. I’ve been suffering from a minor shin injury (likely a small stress fracture) so I have not been able to run as much. But I’ve fallen even more in love with road riding, with going fast, with pushing up long climbs on the Niagara escarpment, stopping for muffins and amazing treats along the route. I’ve managed to get out with my amazing morning rides, the Morning Glory Group.

I do not remember a season where I put some many early miles in. I’ve managed to put in some really long rides already, some 80k’rs and on Sunday my first century of the season!

Seasonal temperatures have dawned on us again. It’s back to a few indoor rides and hopefully so more runs as the shin heals. While the warm weather may have been a tease it has made me really excited for the 2012 cycling season. See you on the roads.