Fast and Female

I have decided to change this blog a little. I was inspired by a friend of mine to update it weekly; to talk about what is going well and not so well in my training, as a place to inspire others and as a way to communicate some of the things I learn as an athlete and as a coach along the way.

Last weekend (February 4th) I was fortunate to take part in the Fast and Female Event at the Blue Mountain Conference Centre. Fast and Female’s Mantra:

“In everything we do, our mantras are to:
Spread the love: Get as many girls hooked on a healthy and active lifestyle
Dominate the world: Rejoice in the possibility of being leaders in all we do”

Fast and Female was founded by Olympic Cross-Country Skiing Medalist, Chandra Crawford. Born in 2006 events have been held across Canada to empower young women in sport.

In high school it was not easy; I’m sure many of my fellow female athletes can attest to that. We were picked on, called awful names, we weren’t usually part of the ‘popular’ crowd. We were often ostracized for being athletic; to everyone else we were different. But fast-forward 10 years and, for those of us who stayed in sport, who’s laughing now!? We are the ones who can balance a busy work, family and athletic schedule. We are the ones who remained fit and healthy. We are the ones who watch sports with our significant others.

Encourage your daughters, your sisters, your cousins, your aunts, your nieces, your girl friends… all the important women in your life to stay in sport.

Fast and Female was an awesome afternoon of celebrating being a girl in sports. Ashleigh Mcivor summed it up best; ‘It’s OK to be a girly girl and still kick a$s at sports!’ Can’t wait to be a part of another event.